Our JDS Squads are a 1hr squad focused on developing the specific skills juniors require to be prepared for tournaments. Drills will focus on developing the technical and tactical components of tournament play, including emphasis on fitness, footwork and strokes as well as offensive and defensive strategies.

We offer the JDS Squads 4 times a week which allows our players plenty of options and days to train. The Tuesday Squad session also has an additional 30min fitness session prior to the start of squad.  All of our players who train more than once a week are also included in our Tournament Touring Group who attend per-selected tournaments throughout the year together with one of our coaches who give advice, support & feedback to each player.

To encourage and help our competitive juniors improve we offer 4 squads a week for just $50 for all Orange Ball, Green Ball & Hard Ball squad members or alternatively they can attend just one session a week for $29.

Dynamic warm up

Co director of Pure Tennis Acadmey - Wayne Brumm