Hotshots Orange Ball 7-10 yrs

In Hotshots ORANGE children learn on a 3/4 court. During this stage the pupils are able to develop a complete technical repertoire. The length of the court forces the attacking player to be accurate and use spin. It allows players to approach the net and develop their net game.

Children will learn to:

  • Perform a circular swing and a consistent contact point on ground strokes
  • Perform a rhythmic service motion
  • rally with a partner on half a doubles court using forehands and backhands
  • Hit the ball with purpose, changing the speed, height, spin and direction to move an opponent in a rally situation
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in their own and their opponent’s game
  • Perform a volley and overhead
  • Understand fair play and demonstrate this when playing

Group Coaching inclusions

Hotshots ORANGE (stage 3,2 & 1)

  • Progression for Hotshots Red program
  • 1 hour class
  • Average 8 pupils per coach
  • 3/4 court
  • Free 23 inch racquet for all new pupils
  • Modified Orange Balls fly slower through the air and bounce in the hitting zone of the child. This fast tracks their stroke development and allows them to have longer rallies and hit more tennis balls.
  • Focus in on preparing the children to be capable of playing Hotshots Orange Fixtures
  • Sticker Reward booklets track profession of each pupil
  • 10 week coaching term

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